Policies and Positions

Customer Privacy

PublicData will not share, disclose, sell, or in any way provide any customer data to anyone. All customer data provided to PublicData is considered private and confidential.

Position on Public Records

In that taxpayers enable government to collect information, all citizens should have access to all records and information generated by all levels of government except for:

  1. Information related to the security of the State and
  2. Information related to ongoing criminal investigations.

Position On Database Inaccuracies

PublicData is a public records disseminator and is not responsible for any inaccuracies in any database. PublicData will not modify records in any database upon notification of inaccuracies from individuals. Those wishing to have inaccurate data corrected must contact the reporting/supplying government agency and negotiate changes. Once changes are in place with the government agency, PublicData will reflect the modification(s) in the regular update cycle of that database.

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