Cancel the Renewal of Your Account

To cancel your account, enter your username then enter your password. Press the "Cancel Account" button and receive confirmation of the cancellation.

  • Too Expensive

  • Data is too old

  • No longer need access to public records

  • Can't find the data I need

  • DPPA rules are too restrictive

  • Difficulty using the site

  • Another reason or I don't want to say

Billing and Usage Notes Regarding Cancellation

When you request PublicData to 'Cancel Your Account', what actually happens is that we cancel the recurrent invoicing and billing that occurs either monthly or annually on behalf of the account. After cancelling, you may continue to login and use until either the current invoiced period expires or until all of the purchased and bonus 'lookups' are used (which ever of these occurs first). Once the current invoiced period has expired, the account is deactivated and no additional invoices will be generated until you reactivate the account.

Refunds are not given for unused days within an invoiced period, refunds are not given for non-usage, and refunds are not given for unused searches for the invoiced period.

All PublicData accounts are considered to be recurrently invoiced, bill and charged until the customer requests PublicData to stop through the Cancellation Process. Cancellation of the recurrent invoicing, billing, and charging processes must be requested directly by the customer to PublicData and cannot be implied by non-use, refusal to pay, contact with your creditcard issuer, or any such non-direct method.

Please note that canceling your account will result in the loss of any accrued 'Bonus lookups'.

If you do Cancel, we hope that your experience with PublicData was useful and you will remember us in the future if you have need for Public Records access.


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